On the Stanford Rapist Case Injustice

Everyone’s heard of the Stanford rapist case – if you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock in a bomb shelter. If the latter is your case, please educate yourself – or continue to read. I will be referring to him as rapist Brock Turner in this post as that is what he is. A rapist.

Pictured above is the real mugshot for rapist Brock Turner. Not the one of him cleaned up and in a suit that’s been circulated and used by the media. You can see that he’s not a boy. He’s an adult. Who chose to rape.

As a survivor of various sexual assaults myself, I couldn’t sit in silence as I watched social media blow up over the “Stanford rapist” case. I found myself enraged by the fact that the amount of evidence against rapist Brock Turner would put anyone else in jail for at least a few years but he walked away with 6 months. I cried, I cursed the American justice system. It hurt me to know that someone who went through a similar experience to me wouldn’t get the justice she deserved. That any survivor deserves.

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Spoon University Articles Update

Alright, so I used to post when I published an article to Spoon University. However, I publish a lot of articles there and kind of forgot about this blog this semester with my life being hell.

So, I’ve decided I’m removing the page that houses all of my Spoon articles for you and posting this current listing of finished articles:

The Best Delivery Near Virginia Tech When the Dining Halls Are Closed

The Real Reason Why Millennials Prefer Whiskey Over Vodka

Craft Cider: The Blacksburg Review

15 Boozy Chocolate Recipes That’ll Get You Tipsy

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Ipsy Review – May 2016

I finally caved and subscribed to a beauty box, specifically Ipsy. Luckily, I got to skip the waitlist by doing some extra steps when I signed up; but I was still surprised when I ended up with a bag for May as I signed up maybe May 10th?

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What it’s Like Being Bisexual But Heteroromantic

I’m bisexual. It’s sort of known in my friend group, but I’ve basically exclusively dated men. And I never really thought anything of it until one day my friend pointed out to me I’ve never really dated a girl.

I identify as a 1.5 or maybe a 2 at most on the Kinsey scale. While I have an attraction to women that’s more than just passing and small, I’m more attracted to men. It’s just how it’s always been for me. The female form is beautiful, but men have always been way more attractive to me.

Maybe it’s a facial structure thing, because I definitely go for strong jaw lines and angular faces in guys. Or maybe it’s a height thing, who knows?

When I came to college I thought I was heterosexual, but I eventually realized that wasn’t the case. I denied my attraction to other women (as sporadic as it was) because I was afraid of being “bisexual” meant being a “slut.”

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“Somewhere in America”

I recently found out about Brave New Voices by Youth Speaks. It’s a spoken word contest, and three girls from Los Angeles (Belissa Escolodeo, Zariya Allen, and Rhiannon McGavin) went on back in 2014 for the finals. Actually, all three had more than one performance; altogether the three of them had four performances between them and a few others.

Now the original link I found was to them performing on The Queen Latifah Show, but I figured as I heard them censor themselves it would be better to find a non-TV performance of it. And that’s when I found out about Brave New Voices.

The performance is quite moving, which is saying a lot for me. And honestly, I like the Brave New Voices finals video of them more than the one on The Queen Latifah Show.

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